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All of our work is carried out in a professional, efficient, and friendly manner


The difference between painting the inside of a property and the outside of a property is that the outside is exposed to the changing elements, with our excellent service you can protect your house for many years to come. We understand how important preparation is to ensure the final paint job is the highest quality possible, and we follow essential steps to prepare all surfaces before a single paintbrush touches them. Once all surfaces have been prepared, your exterior house painting can begin. We use the highest quality paints and sealants with a 15 year guarantee and above to achieve the finish and results you expect.


Skimming walls and ceilings is not usually as big a task as plastering them, as it is a process of restoring the top surface, whereas plastering requires the building up the surface up from bare brickwork or breeze blocks. Therefore, skimming is often referred to as the ‘topcoat’ of plastering, as it is the fine layer which creates the smooth finish and crisp edges.

As it is the visible layer of the surface it does require the skills of a skilled and experienced plasterer to render the crisp, level and smooth surfaces which cover-up any minor blemishes and create the and clean lines between joins and edges.
If your walls are heavily damaged it is not a problem for us, we use a high strength fibreglass mesh to strengthen the wall ensuring no cracks form in the future which separates us from the competition.


Our tape and jointing services are one of our many areas which we pride ourselves on, we do not cut any corners. We apply 3 coats of jointing compound and sanded down leaving a smooth finish and we only use the tough rigid plasterers Angle Bead. Not the cheap corner tape that many jointing teams use. We are proud to work with some of the best manufacturing brands on the market ensuring that the highest standards of workmanship are always maintained and customer satisfaction is assured.


Hanging wallpaper correctly on a wall is a lot trickier than simply painting it. You need to make sure that the wallpaper is hanging straight, that it has adhered properly with no air bubbles, the list goes on. This is why we strongly recommend that you always enlist the help of a professional, otherwise you will probably end up with disappointing results. Working with a professional allows you to still retain creative control over all aspects of the project, but without the stress or manual labour. For the best wallpaper hanging Inverness, you cannot go past our amazing staff here at Top Coat. With us, we can guarantee that you will be satisfied with the final look of your wallpapered room.

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All of our work is carried out in a professional, efficient and friendly manner.